Meet the Team

Jim Sullenger

CEO/Managing Director

Jim’s career as a Small Business Growth entrepreneur began as a teenager rebuilding automobile engines, mowing lawns and giving baseball lessons to Little Leaguers.  His professional career found him in Operations and Franchising with McDonald’s Corporation, and in Senior Officer Positions with large technology companies, as well as consulting for rapid growth projects with Exxon, Quaker Chemical, and scores of other well-known corporations.  Jim was the Founding Director of the economic development partnership with James Madison University and the cities and counties of Western Virginia.  He served in the Small Business Development Projects at JMU, and provided small business creation and sponsorship programs.  His experiences with large and small business growth are well established.  Jim also founded the Restoration Point Foundation, a disaster response and relief non-profit organization.

As CEO of Xoikos, founded in 2011, Jim coaches and directs a team of talented experts that are focused on Small Business Growth.  The Xoikos business focus of accelerated growth and performance through advanced technology to directly improve the transaction experiences. This is born from years of successful rapid growth expertise.

Jim serves as Home Office Partner with the Small Business Coach and Associates, and writes for the SBCA publications.  He can be found assisting fledgling business start-ups and enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, biking, baseball and golf.


Judd Wheeler

Director of Sales/Marketing


As the son of a programmer, Judd’s ties to technology started by making paper airplanes out of old COBOL punch cards. After completing his Chemistry degree at Oklahoma State University, training educators and trainers on how to teach at a distance afforded him the opportunity to interact with people from around the world where he gained insight into technology and the human interface. A growing marketing communications company quickly grabbed him as they sought to expand their offerings in the digital space. He led the charge into interactive CD-ROM development, web site programming, digital signage, social media and, most recently, mobile marketing.

Judd co-founded a group that brings developer, marketers and entrepreneurs together to speak the same language and form bonds for mobile project development. Leading the efforts behind a mobile conference in Tulsa, he successfully produced the first of its kind in Oklahoma. If he’s not out speaking and delivering the mobile marketing message, you can find him supporting the efforts researching the industry and writing for blogs.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Judd continues to push the developmental envelop of human transaction tools. He is always on the search for the next big thing that ties operations, sales and marketing to produce higher returns and more profits.

Judd devotes most of his free time to his daughter. If you need to find him on the weekends, look no further than the soccer fields. He plays and manages an indoor team that has been together for over 11 years.


Rick Frederick

Senior Staff Director

After aspiring to become a TV anchor, Rick’s love of good food led him to partner in a restaurant venture where he rounded out his skills of marketing and promotions and worked as the beverage manager, franchisee liaison and general manager. Rick’s operation background strengthened as he oversaw three locations and coordinated the opening of several franchise locations.

Seeing an opportunity to get in early with an exploding QSR concept, he left to direct operations for seven Mr. Goodcents locations. The growth of the company yielded the need for someone of his aptitude, ability and initiative to develop a custom POS solution.

As Senior Staff Director for Xoikos, Rick Frederick will tell you in his best broadcast voice that he has been instrumental in ensuring that clients have access to demonstrated best practices and responsive attention that enable them to use Xoikos‘s tools and capabilities to succeed in areas of their operations that offer the greatest potential for additional profit.

From ongoing training and customer relations management, to in-depth product demonstrations, Frederick brings his own experiences in restaurant operations and Point Of Sale development and implementation from more than 36 years of hospitality experience.


David Gerler

Director of IT Services

David decided as a high school freshman his first career goal would be a career in the US Navy. He entered the Navy under an advanced electronics program and completed his successful 20 year career in the repair of aviation electronic equipment and personnel management. David bought his first computer during his first assign at a remote duty station and began his first exploration of programming.

While on active duty, he began working on his degree in computer science during off-duty hours, completed an AAS in Information Technology with Emphasis on Internet Technologies and a BS in Computer Science with Emphasis on Information Management. In his free time, David continues his education in networking technologies and programming for mobile devices.

As Director of IT Services for Xoikos, David has an ability to embrace and understand new technologies. He then develops new systems to leverage the increased efficiencies available through the use of advanced technology. Having owned several small businesses, David understands what it takes to be fruitful in today’s economy and what roles technology can play in their success.

David serves as an associate in the Small Business Coach and Associates collaborating on technology solutions to assist small business. He also enjoys serving as a team captain on the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event each year.