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About Xoikos

Xoikos Interactive Business Systems’ roots date back to the development of the InfoKING POS. However, seeing the trials and tribulations that businesses have been going through, we decided that point-of-sale tools weren’t enough. Businesses needed more. Customers needed more. We saw that the experience matters and companies needed better ways to do business.

With this discovery, we changed our name from InfoKING to Xoikos. “Oikos” comes from the Greek language meaning the basic unit of society. It is where we get the English prefix “eco-“. The “X” comes from the crossroads that businesses face every day, the Xperience we provide and the excellence of our work and solutions. It is the intersection between increasing sales and improved operations and where we live.

We have tirelessly focused on improving the experience for customers, employees and management and how technology can play a vital role. Xoikos is a team that partners with businesses to bring expertise and radical thinking to revitalize companies by delivering on promises, knowing that customers are not commodities and providing memorable experiences.

No one remembers ordinary!